Catechists of the Vicariate of Near North

Underwent Bible Seminar at CLFC

Ms. Star del Mar

Estrella (Star) del Mar gave a 2-day seminar to the Catechists of the Vicariate of Near North (Basak Mandaue to Liloan parishes) on Some Creative Methods of Teaching and Sharing Scripture to Children and Youth.  This was held on June 10-11, 2011 at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Basak,MandaueCity.  The Coordinator and organizer is Ms. Carol Gatchalian-Arcenal.  It was attended by more than 60 Catechists from the Vicariate.  Two days are not enough so a series of follow up seminars on this topic will be conducted by Ms. del Mar in July and August, 2011 due to her tight schedule at CLFC.

They were taught how to use the Bible for Kids: God Speaks to His Children with the Posters

The group applied their learning through their creative liturgy contributed by the small groups with gesture and songs.

that go with the Stories.  They were also shown how the dolls are used to represent Biblical Figures as visual aids when they tell the story to the children.  The Vignette or Sculpture, an element in Bibliodrama was introduced to them as well as a few prayer dances to facilitate prayer in the morning praise or a prayer reflection on a related text.  Bibliologue was also introduced to them which they appreciated very much.  Teaching Scripture by using a Theme for example:  A New World:  Our Hope and Our Task – was introduced to them using posters and selected biblical texts.  This will familiarize them with the Biblical texts and their application to our current situations and what we can do about them.  It is another way to do Lectio Divina. Biblical Action Songs are much appreciated by the children.  More shall be shared with them in the next meetings.

In the photos are shown the groups making their Sculpture using the members of their group to portray a scene in a Scripture text as used for teaching and for liturgy.


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