CLFC Celebrates the Canonization of St. Pedro Calungsod!


“Life that is offered,

Faith that is proclaimed”


“In the last days – the Lord declares – I shall pour out my Spirit on all humanity.  Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young people shall see visions, your old people dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

I am so happy that our very own Pedro Calungsod is now officially declared by the Catholic Church as one of the Saints.  For one, he is a “ka tagi lungsod” and a “bisdak” or bisaya nga dako!  I guess he is the only Saint who speaks my native language.  You see, some expressions and deep feelings cannot be translated.  Thank God,  the good Lord knows and understands everything!

I am happy for Pedro Calungsod, who is now known in the universal church, because he was very young when he became a missionary abroad and died for his faith.  A catechist, helper of the missionary priest, Fr. Diego, SJ, and a proclaimer and witness to the catholic faith at a very young age, Pedro is a model to the youth of today.  He is an inspiration to the young people who are searching for meaning in life and for a way to be of service to God’s people – believers or not.

I am hoping that our parents of today will be able to introduce the triune God and Mama Mary to their children at a very young age.  I hope that the parents will guide their children to live a true Christian life by living as examples or models to them.  Values are caught not taught.  And may the Teachers, Priests, Religious men and women, elder brothers and sisters and Friends help the parents in guiding our young people.   May the life of Pedro Calungsod be their challenge and inspiration as parents, elders and friends.

 The hope of the future is our youth today.  How they are molded and guided today will be the future of this world.  Where have we succeeded?  Where have we failed?  Where do we need help?  What kind of a society of the world do we want?

St. Pedro Calungsod, pray for us!





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