ImageNovember 1 is celebrated every year as a day for All Saints.  We are still rejoicing for our new Filipino Visayan Saint – St.  Pedro Calungsod.  He is now officially listed in the Book of Saints of the Catholic Church.  Now, a number of faithful have reported being healed through the intercession of St. Pedro Calungsod.  The once unknown Blessed Pedro has now become an instant celebrity all over the country and now known all over the world.  Praise the Lord for giving us a teenager saint – a model to our youth and a challenge to the elders.

 Often, we hear the priests telling us that we are all called to be saints since we are all called to Holiness.  However, it is not an instant transformation.  It’s easier said than done.

Jesus said to them all, “My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  Luke 8:21

ImageTruly there are more Saints than the names in the list.  There are more miracles happening among our people that are not recorded, published or included in the daily news. Our relatives and friends who have gone before us could be among the Saints in heaven.  Some are living saints anonymously doing what the good Lord is asking of us faithful as written in Scriptures.  Matthew 5, 6, 7 are some of Jesus’ teachings addressed to us all.  It is up to us to examine ourselves and see where we have succeeded and where we have failed based on Jesus’ teaching.

One thing is clear:  the invitation is for all.  It is our personal choice and decision to accept the invitation and act accordingly.

Whatever religion we belong, whoever we call our God, there is one commonality in all – God is good and the good fights the evil.  The world is in a constant battle between good and evil.  Oftentimes, the battle between good and evil is within the self.  If we do not allow ourselves to be carried by our negative compulsions and take time to reflect before we act, we could make the right decision and action.  Prayer is a big help in times like these.

ImageOn November 1, many people go to the cemetery to visit their beloved dead.  I do not understand why some parents dress up their children as little devils, put horns on their heads and even add tails.  Why do parents want their children to be devils?  Do they want their children to grow up as devils?  I really do not know.  If it is to follow the Halloween fad, it is only to emphasize the presence of evil in our world.

I was walking inside the cemetery going to tombs of my relatives. One child about age 7 or 8 was wearing the devil’s horns that were lighted red.  He approached me and asked why I do not have the “horns” in my head.  What do children know about horns and tails?

We have a lot to do to teach our people especially our children what All Saints and All Souls Days mean.

ImageNovember 2 is All Souls Day.  We remember our beloved dead – family, relatives and friends.  We also pray for the forgotten souls and those who are not yet at peace in their death.  Perhaps our dead relatives and friends are already among the Saints in heaven.  We ask them to pray for us too.  However, there are still those we need to pray for, that they will soon be forgiven and accepted in God’s eternal Kingdom. May they all rest in peace!

For those of us who are still in this world, it is a day to day choice – to do God’s will for the good of others or to do evil and destroy people in one way or another.

The evil people who appear to be good are most dangerous.  They seem to be good but destroy people through character assassination, labeling, judging or cause people to be angry with one another through false witnessing.  God wants His own people to be honest, humble, selfless, generous, forgiving, compassionate and loving.




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