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It’s the Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the Water Snake. Since the calendar year has also just started, we can greet everyone a very happy new year!

I am happy with each new year, thanking the Lord that I am still alive to welcome this new year.  I recall my mistakes and regrets of the previous year/s and try to learn from them to become a better and happier person.  I thank the Lord for being such a forgiving, merciful and generous God ever ready to give His children a chance to make amends and share in His love and joy.  I thank the Lord for the gift of family and friends who are always there to support me in every way – the joys and pains of life.

It is interesting to know the different customs for the New Year – the food, the lucky charms, the gift-giving, the dragon dance, the lanterns, fireworks, and more.  There are predictions for the different groups born in particular years.  There are particular businesses or means of livelihood that are lucky or progressive for the year.  Then there are the unlucky ones too.  But they also say that these are only guides.  The direction and success of each person still depends on himself or herself.

However, we all need a Guide who directs our life decisions day by day.  May this Guide be the God who gives us true love, inner peace, awesome joy, deep fulfillment and everlasting relationship that are more precious than all the material wealth and power the world can offer.

We pray that God bless us with all His gifts.  May our people follow this God and all His commandments so we can start building our heaven down here.  May He enlighten the parents to be good models and teachers to their children.  May He give us good leaders in government and church who will lead His people toward justice, ecological balance, good moral character and a prosperous society who care for each other’s welfare.




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