Happy New Year 2014



             Happy New Year - 2zxDk-h7z7 - normal (2)The usual greeting at the start of a New Year is “Happy New Year”!  We all wish everyone and for ourselves a happy new year.  We all want to be happy, have a happy life and a happy world!  Wishing is one thing.  Hoping is another.  But actualizing this happiness is a day to day challenge.

             Another common practice at the onset of the new year is a new year’s resolution.  Resolutions are meant to improve oneself; learning from the previous year; new ideas and new ways for a better life and become a better person.  However, as the months come and are gone, most of the resolutions are forgotten.

             2013 has been marked by several tragedies: war, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, accidents and crimes of murder, robbery and all acts of violence.  People suffered much.  However, the tragedies also showed the people’s undying faith in God; the generosity, care and concern of others; the willingness to help in any way; the unity of families; the generosity and care of individuals and groups all over the world.  These showed that people care beyond color, culture or religious beliefs.  After all, we belong to a one world and one humanity.

           Happy New year -1  2014 would be a year of reconstructions:  Reconstruction of buildings, roads, bridges and houses destroyed by the earthquake, typhoon and fire.  Every new year is also an invitation to reconstruct our broken homes, broken families and broken relationships.  All these reconstructions require a strong foundation: the foundation of God’s teachings of integrity, honesty, sincerity and unconditional love.

             Our God believes in us – that we can complete His act of redemption by our YES to His divine will.  At Christmas, we prayed that God be born to us and in us. In the New Year, we pray that God stays with us to guide us and help us do our reconstruction works.

            Happy-New-Year-2014-Pictures-7 The tasks will not be completed in 2014 but we can begin or perhaps continue what good we had started until a new year comes again!


–          Star del Mar


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