Easter is Hope… Alleluia!




Rejoice!  Alleluia! The Lord is risen! 

Jesus had conquered death and sin for us!

Easter is hope – our hope for a new life, life everlasting!

For those who are suffering,

it is hope for joy.

For those who are sick and in pain,

it is hope for healing.

For those who are lonely and feeling empty,

it is hope for true love and fullness of life.

For those who are always in fear,

it is hope for courage and security.

For those who are in doubt,

it is hope for answers and meaning.

For those who are imprisoned by certain addictions that slowly destroy their lives,

it is hope for freedom.

For those who are struggling to change for the better,

it is hope for transformation.

For those who have broken relationships,

it is hope for forgiveness and reconciliation.

For those who are dying,

it is hope for a resurrection with Jesus to live in His Kingdom!

Easter is also a choice. 

Our freedom allows us to choose death/sin or life/resurrection. 

May we choose LIFE!


– Star del Mar – 




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