I am writing this on Good Friday.  In the recollection, the priest asked us:  What makes this Friday good? There were some answers from the participants.  One said:  Through His death, He saved us.  Another said: In dying He destroyed our death.  All good answers.

Easter_HOPEWhat I observed that made Good Friday good are the following:

  1. I see more people going to Church.

  2. I see more people going to confession to repent their sins.

  3. I see more people praying individually and in groups.

  4. I see more people participating in recollections.

  5. I see more kindness, generosity and forgiveness in people.

Jesus has died physically two thousand years ago, but we remember that day every year. We recall the sufferings of Jesus.  We hear again the people who welcomed him joyfully on Palm Sunday and shouted “Crucify him!” on Good Friday. We see again the torture of the crucifixion.  We hear Jesus cry out “Father, why have you abandoned me?” and in the end “Into Your hands, I commend my spirit!” Jesus offered his life for us! No one can kill him. He willed it so in total obedience to His Father who loves us so much. It is love!

Christ’s total obedience to the Father completed the covenant between God and man. We are all liberated through Jesus Christ.  Mission accomplished! We are connected again in our journey towards eternity with our loving, merciful, compassionate, generous God!

As Jesus freely offered his life on Good Friday, he also took it back on Easter Sunday, the day of his resurrection!  He lives again! We, too, live if we do not separate from Christ, from God.

We, too, have our own Good Fridays.  We have our own sufferings caused by ourselves and/or by others.  It can be sickness, disabilities, financial difficulties, family problems, broken relationships, addictions and others. Sometimes we dwell on the problems as if reaching a dead-end.  But SUNDAY IS COMING!  There is HOPE!  There is GOD! God ought to be our first recourse, not the last one.  Nevertheless, God waits to be called upon.  God waits for our cry for HELP!  Our merciful God would say “Bear with me, be patient, soon it shall pass.”  We shall overcome because God leads us to freedom from all these.  This is HOPE!

It does not mean though that we will not suffer anymore.  As long as we are in the world and sin is tempting, suffering will always be there.  But Sunday comes!  Easter comes!  EASTER OFFERS HOPE! There is a way out with God’s guidance and help.



By Estrella (Star) del Mar

CLFC, Talamban, Cebu City

Easter 2



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